What Else Might That Be?

Take advantage of the ambiguity in the world. Look at something and think what else it might be.

– Roger Von Oech

Switching Jobs? Think About This…

Recently, I’ve been thinking about switching jobs. And I’m sure many of you would agree that deciding to switch jobs, and evaluating options when they become available, is not an easy task. It isn’t for me, at least. I think it’s a very big and important decision, the kind that could really change one’s life’s direction, and I think one needs to make this decision in the “right frame of mind”, and after asking the “right” questions.Read More »

Windows, by Incidental Comics


Love the simplicity and profundity in this little gem from Incidental Comics by Grant Snider! I like his work in general and I think you, too, should check out his webcomics; you just might find something new to like.

Just Chance? Or More..?

Have you ever experienced something where seemingly random things “speak” to you in some way that’s very relevant to you at that particular point of time?

To illustrate: I’ve recently been trying to choose between two options, but haven’t been able to decide one way or another because both options have some pros and cons, and I’m not really able to pick one option over the other. So, I’ve been stuck at this point for a few days, going nowhere. Then, I come across this:Read More »

Light in the Dark

Nice post. I totally agree with the author here: Each of us needs to be the light we want to see in the world. Do what you can – big or small, it doesn’t matter. If you can touch even one other soul, you’ve done your part.


I am heart sick tonight.


Not because of the election.

Not because there’s a rumor that Drake and T. Swift are dating.

But because of a piece of news I heard just the other night.

Over the weekend, at my cousin’s university, there was a tragedy. His roommate: a kind, loving, and incredibly smart young man, passed away after being the victim of a hate crime.

For being Muslim.

He was jumped and ended up in a coma. He passed a day later.

How truly tragic.

I did not know this young man, but my cousin was his best friend and roommate. And it just pains my heart to think that someone could act out in hate towards another person like that.

There’s a lot of rhetoric going around lately about immigrants and muslims and walls and whatnot. It’s nauseatingly pervasive.

And to be quite honest, I don’t exactly know 

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Annoying Or Endearing?

So, recently I came across the video for a new song of a particular female singer. And that made me realize something which I’m going to use to bore you in this post. The realization was: how easy it was for me to go down two wildly different paths based on the exact same input.

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