Hello, and welcome to this corner of the internet.

If you haven’t guessed already, this blog is primarily aimed as a journal where I share my thoughts about life, based on my own experiences. It’s more like a dialogue that I have with myself as I try to introspect and delve deeper into the recesses of my mind.

At times, my posts might come across as “preachy” but that’s the last thing I want them to be. I’m just trying to figure this shit out like everyone else, and in no way, do I want to say that what I say here is the golden “truth”. I hardly know anything to say anything about anything.

The blog is just a journal for me to keep track of my thoughts as I progress along this path, and hopefully, become better as a person. I’m in no way perfect, and I don’t claim to be able to follow all the suggestions that I might make in my own posts. My posts might even seem contradictory at times. I’d attribute those to changing thought processes as I gain more experience and knowledge about the world, as well as to a poor memory. That’s actually one of the reasons I want to document all this – it’s easier to remember when it’s all written in black and white, than when it’s all a jumbled mess inside one’s own head.

And since I am documenting my thoughts, I thought I’d blog about them (instead of just adding those to my private library, as I have been doing since a while back), just in case they might help someone else along their journey as well.

If you are still with me, I’d like to ask you a favour. I’m not really good at self-promotion. So, if you like or enjoy something, please spread the word around, so that others may also have that same chance. Plus, more blog hits might just keep me encouraged enough to keep doing this 🙂

Lastly, I’d very much like to hear your thoughts and views in the comments section – good or bad. As I mentioned before, it’s about improving as a person, and a healthy dialogue is the best way for that – be it with oneself, or with others (as long as everyone understands the boundaries).

Thanks for visiting! Hope you have a wonderful time, and hope you’ll come back again! 🙂


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