Hello, and welcome to this corner of the internet!

I’m sure you have questions about this blog. So, let me try and answer them:

Q. What are you doing here?

What is life, but a series of stories, intertwined in complex patterns in a beautiful tapestry. This blog is an ongoing observation of this tapestry – thoughts on what I see outside, and feel inside.

These are the “rumblings from the depths of silence” – ruminations on the journey of life. These ruminations randomly pop into existence as we go about our daily life, and can disappear just as abruptly, like the ephemeral quantum particles in vacuum. Through this blog, I want to capture these “particles” before they disappear.

Q. Why are you doing this?

Well, it’s all an attempt to appreciate this one life that we have, and to make the best out of it, to figure out if there are any better, more beautiful routes that can be taken to make this journey even more enjoyable. Life presents us with moments that can be quite profound and life-affirming, even life-altering at times. And, for a little while, our life does become better because of these moments. But then, life goes on, and we tend to forget those moments.

So, this blog is a journal for me to keep track of my thoughts as I progress along this path, and hopefully, become better as a person. I’m in no way perfect, and I don’t claim to be able to follow all the things I might say in my own posts. They might even seem contradictory at times. I’d attribute those to changing thought processes as I gain more experience and knowledge about the world, as well as to a poor memory. (That’s actually one of the reasons I want to document all this – it’s easier to remember when it’s all written in black and white, than when it’s all a jumbled mess inside one’s own head.)

Q. What do you have for me?

On this blog, you’ll find both short and long-winded musings, original poems, quotes, comments on the state of affairs, life-hacks, and even curated content from around the world – basically, anything that catches my fancy, and that’s in keeping with the overall theme of the blog.

Q. Why do I have for you?

A journey is always much better with good company. The journey of life is no different. So, I’d like you to come, and join me in this adventure. Share your thoughts and experiences. Or even just say “Hi”. Grant me the pleasure of knowing you.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks again for visiting! Hope you have a wonderful time here, and hope you’ll come back again! 🙂


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