How Free Are We Really?

We have all heard the word “freedom”. One might define it as the ability to move around freely, to be able to say and do things one wants (assuming no rules or laws are being broken by such things). If asked if they are free, most of us would probably say that we indeed are.

However, apart from the physical manifestations of freedom, I think the mental aspects of it are equally as important, if not more. To be truly free, I think one must have freedom from fear, experience, conditioning, self, and knowledge.

Let’s talk about each of them and see why they are important, and how we can deal with them.

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This illustration resonated strongly with me, and I thought some of you might enjoy it too. It’s another gem from the brilliant Grant Snider, and if you even remotely like this blog, I think you’ll looove his.

Source: INCIDENTAL COMICS: Cogito Ergo Sum


I bow to thee,
The great sands.
‘Gainst your power,
Who are we?

Born high or low,
Everyone cowers,
When winds howl,
And sands blow.

Inch by inch, day by day,
You keep crawling along.
Slowly, steadily, stealthily,
You bury kingdoms away.

The secrets you hold,
May make men mad.
Or bless ‘em beyond belief,
With riches untold.

Grains unfathomable,
The world and beyond.
For an eternal life,
Just a few, be ample.

Yet, we kill, we fight,
Lost in the parade.
You blind us much,
By clouding the light.

In this barren wasteland,
Keep moving, keep hoping.
Many have been consumed,
By this deathly quicksand.

When I feel you slip away,
From within my grasp,
Sometimes, I am glad,
Sometimes, I wish you’d stay.