Annoying Or Endearing?

So, recently I came across the video for a new song of a particular female singer. And that made me realize something which I’m going to use to bore you in this post. The realization was: how easy it was for me to go down two wildly different paths based on the exact same input.

Now the background: I had heard one song from this singer in the past which I liked a lot. However, I had never seen her before – didn’t see any picture of her, any video, or anything; had no idea whatsoever what she looked like, what her personality was, that sort of thing. Had only listened to her voice in that song. Now, maybe it was just the music, maybe just the lyrics, maybe the way she sang it, or maybe everything together, I don’t know, but I loved that song. And that “liking” extended to the singer as well, even though I had never really decided that it was her that I liked in the song so much.

So, now this new music video comes out from that singer. This is my first time looking at her. I never had pictured what she would look like, how she’d dress, etc. but I knew that what I saw was so not what I would’ve expected. Her look was “unexpected”, her dance moves were “odd” – at first, I couldn’t believe it was the same person who sang that first song.

Had I not heard one of her songs earlier, I wouldn’t think twice before switching the channel and moving on whenever that video of hers was running. But since I knew her, knew the kind of song she could be associated with, I actually liked this “version” of her.

That’s when I realized how easily and quickly I made judgments about people. How biased I could be on the basis of presentation and looks.

The very same things that would have made her annoying – the dress, the moves, the way she sang – now actually made her endearing – all because I had a positive preconceived subconscious notion of her personality.

Can’t imagine what I’ve already missed out on, and may miss out on in the future, because of “negative” unfounded subconscious notions. 😐

Photo Credit: Yana Lizunkova on Unsplash


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