A Good Chat

Had a great chat with a some guys today. Some were already my friends, some weren’t, and I had never thought about getting to know more about those who weren’t. But by the end of the conversation, I had reached a place where I wouldn’t mind getting to know them a bit more, maybe even call them a friend one day.

It’s a wonderful feeling – slowly getting to know a person more and more over a conversation. Of course, assuming you happen to like him or her as you are going along.

Also amazing is how people belonging to the same time and similar backgrounds have so much in common – you miss the same things in life, have similar experiences of the common events like remembering the same episode from an old TV serial – in general, just having the same interests and thoughts about so many things in life.

It doesn’t take much – just an hour – but you feel so much more than just what you’d feel normally in one hour. I could spend hours watching movies, TV serials, catching up on the latest news & technology, reading up for improving professional prospects, sleep-scrolling through Facebook, etc. But never feel so much “belonging” in just 1 hour.

What am I feeling right now? I don’t know. I’ve always felt a bit left out, a bit different from everyone else. I guess that’s why it’s moments like these, when I connect with those around me, that overwhelm me. Am I happy? I’m not sure I’d characterise my state of mind right now as being “happy” just because of the conversation. But, I did have a great time, and I would certainly love to repeat the past hour again.

There’s something about human contact that just has to be witnessed by being there personally – the location doesn’t matter, the time doesn’t matter, the weather doesn’t matter. All there is, is what you are talking about – sharing memories, your views, listening to others’, learning new things about those around you. The highs of nostalgia and discovery, combined.

Hopefully, I didn’t scare the guys away. Hopefully, somehow, no matter how unlikely, we’ll get together some day and have another great chat. Hopefully, providence will conspire to give us opportunities to develop our relationships further, and hopefully, they will develop into beautiful relationships.

Probably the best hour of my life this week, if not the month. It’s a memory, one that I hope I keep for a long time.


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